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Welcome to World-Class Assessment &
Psychological Therapy
for Children & Youth

ADHD | Autism Spectrum Disorder | Dyslexia | Exam Stress |
Depression | Anxiety | Technology Addiction

Multidisciplinary Team

Our Psychologists, OT, Speech Therapists & Special Educators work together for your child.

Gold -Standard Assessments

Our Therapists use only Internationally recognized assessment tools accepted by all major Boards in India.

Expert Therapies & Programs

Our therapists are experts in all major psychological therapies including CBT, DBT, ACT & Motivation Enhancement.

About Childrenplus

Empowering Children and Adolescents

At ChildrenPlus, we empower children and adolescents to thrive through evidence-based mental health services. Our compassionate team provides assessment, therapy, and support in a nurturing environment. We specialize in addressing ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, and other child and adolescent mental health concerns.

Our therapists utilize proven, evidence-based techniques to deliver our proprietary therapeutic programs. We prioritize continuous training to ensure our approaches align with the latest research. Our goal is to promote the mental and emotional well-being of our youth.

Expertise and Experience

Registered and qualified therapists, with a wealth of experience

Personalized Care

All assessments and interventions specifically tailored to you & your child.

Comprehensive Services

Psychologists, OT, Speech Therapists & Special Educators working together.

Relaxed Environment

Welcoming & comfortable spaces. The right environment is key for therapy.

Our Services

Discover Our Comprehensive Psychological Health Services

Is your Child Struggling Emotionally, Behaviorally, or with Learning? ChildrenPlus Noida offers specialized psychological assessments to understand your child’s unique needs. Our tailored therapy plans unlock their full potential.

Struggling Learner? Our assessment services offer comprehensive evaluation of cognitive, academic, and social-emotional functioning with detailed reports tailored to specific boards (IB, CBSE, ICSE).

Is Adult ADHD Holding You Back? Find Clarity with ChildrenPlus Noida. Get an accurate diagnosis and personalized support for managing adult ADHD.

Does your child struggle with fine motor skills, handwriting, getting dressed, or sensory sensitivities? Occupational therapy (OT) at ChildrenPlus Greater Noida can help!

Does your child struggle to express themselves clearly? Do they have difficulty understanding others, reading, or socializing? ChildrenPlus Noida’s specialized speech therapy can help!

Who We Are

Empowering Young Minds, Transforming Futures.

At Childrenplus, we're more than just a psychological health service; we're a beacon of hope for families seeking comprehensive and compassionate care for their children. With our expert team and innovative approach, we're committed to empowering young minds and transforming futures

Compassionate Experts

We are a team of compassionate child psychologists, OTs, Speech Therapists, Special Educators & counsellors, dedicated to providing world-class psychological assessment and therapy for children and young people.

Innovative Approach

At ChildrenPlus, we blend expertise with innovation, offering evidence-based therapy and assessment services tailored to the unique needs of each child and adolescent. Our propriety therapeutic programs offer "best in class" evidence-based intervention.

What We Do

Transforming Struggles
into Success Stories,
One Child at a Time.

At Childrenplus, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people. Through our evidence-based assessments and therapies, we’ve helped

235 +

Children overcome Exam Stress and Anxiety

2110 +

Hours of 1- 1 therapy delivered

208 +

ADHD, Autism and Learning Assessments completed

300 +

Parent training sessions conducted...

Meet Our Team

Behind every successful therapy session is a dedicated team of compassionate expert clinicians

At Childrenplus, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children and adolescents. Through our evidence-based assessments and therapies, we’ve helped

Dr Amritash Rai
Clinical Director & Co-founder
Vishal Sharma
CEO & Co-founder
Ria Mahanty
RCI registered Clinical Psychologist
A photo of Deepika Singh, Occupational Therapist
Deepika Singh
Registered Occupational Therapist
Psychological Conditions

Understanding and Overcoming
Psychological Conditions Together

At Children Plus, Dr. Ria Mahanty and her team have been instrumental in fostering my child's development. Their insightful assessments and actionable guidance have led to noticeable improvements.

We got Compassionate Support and got to see Remarkable Progress.


Praveen Kumar


The staff and place is really nice; all the members are friendly and talk to you with patient. I booked an appointment for My Autism diagnosis and I am satisfied with the report.
Contacting them was very convenient for me, as they have provided their whatsapp on their website and I prefer it more than verbal communication on calls. There replies were instant, well mannered and they were really nice with me during the whole process.


Tushar Saxena


As a concerned parent, I cannot thank Papiya enough for the exceptional guidance and support she provided to my daughter during her counselling sessions. Papiya truly proved to be our guardian angel during a challenging phase in my daughter's life.


Vivek Kashyap


Childrenplus & especially Ms. Nooraa Sinha & Mrs. Rashmi Pandey have been the lifesavers for my child's emotional well-being. As a parent, seeing my child struggle with neuro-developmental challenges was heart-wrenching, but Childrenplus provided the ray of hope we desperately needed.


Ashish Sharma


They make sure that the child is comfortable n give sufficient time for counseling. I strongly recommend them.


Shri Sainath Engineers


I have had serious challenges dealing with aggression and other behavioural issues of my 12 year-old boy but the counselling/therapy at Childrenplus has helped not only him but also us as parents in dealing with him. Highly recommend Ms. Noora Sinha & Mrs. Japneet for their patience, understanding, knowledge and always accommodating us while dealing with tantrums of our son.


Aarti Ramachandran


The team of children plus are very supportive and understanding. Anyone looking for clinic for coping should give a try here.


Yamini Jain


I love there psychology consultation services. Psychology consultation did exactly what you said it does. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Psychology consultation has completely surpassed our expectations.


Moksh Sharma

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