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Ria Mahanty

RCI registered Clinical Psychologist

Ria is a dedicated and compassionate, RCI licensed, clinical psychologist with a profound understanding of mental disorders and a specialization in child neurodevelopment. Her expertise lies in conducting psychometric assessments to identify and address various neurodevelopment issues in children, such as autism, ADHD, and behavioral challenges. As an experienced professional, she takes pride in empowering parents through comprehensive parent skill training, enabling them to manage and cope with their child’s behavioral issues effectively. Additionally, she excels in conducting full-scale IQ assessments and developing tailored treatment plans for children with intellectual disabilities.

Her passion for helping children extends to providing therapeutic support for those facing anxiety, depression, and school bullying. She approaches each case holistically, fostering a deep understanding of the child’s unique concerns and providing effective interventions.

With a focus on empathy and effective communication, she strives to create a safe and supportive environment for both children and their families, enabling them to navigate challenges and achieve positive outcomes.