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Vishal Sharma

CEO & Co-founder Childrenplus

Vishal – one of the founders and CEO of Childrenplus, is a Noida based postgraduate in business management with a marketing specialization and holds a degree in Law. He is an alumnus of DPS, Mathura Road and St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He has been associated with the medical industry for last 25 years wherein he has been instrumental in setting up or upgrading more than

75 blood banks in North & East India as well as has more than 4 years of experience in Home Healthcare segment.

Vishal is also the founding trustee of Working People Production, a registered charitable trust, working in the field of promotion of theatre and films, as we all are well aware that theatre can aid, and offer a wealth of benefits such as confidence building, physical communication, improved memory, and teamwork. To this end, they have worked extensively with children and have staged plays at Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House, Delhi, and have produced some internationally award-winning short films.